Growth of Mold

10 Tips to Curb the Growth of Mold 

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When there is moisture in a dark place overtime it can grow into a mold. Some molds you will see in plain sight, some will also grow underneath and never really notice them. If you suspect that there is mold growing in your house you should get a mold inspection right away just to be safe.

Mold growth can be dangerous for people who have allergies and asthma as mold can trigger these diseases. Mold is unsightly but it is also because it destroys the integrity of your home and reduces its appeal all in all. It can trigger a lot of things and mold won’t discriminate between colors and age, and will strike if your immune system is not at its best.  

Growth of Mold

In this article, you will learn some tips on how to keep mold out of your home and keep it from propagating in it. By following these advice you can keep the mold from going out of control.  

  1. Use insulation in surfaces that is cold, this is so, it can keep the condensation to a minimum which can create mold when left unattended. This surfaces include floors, windows, and exteriors walls.   
  2. Make sure wet areas dry within 24 hours because prolonged in that situation can create mold.  
  3. Make sure your house any leakages of water from pipes and if there are any make sure to get it fixed as soon as possible.  
  4. If the water comes from outside, you have a number of choices, it’s either you can use landscaping to direct water, away from your house, you can call foundation repair companies and see if they can lift your house. You can also work with someone to help you with waterproofing your place. 
  5. Call a HVAC contractor to reinforce your systems and make sure that it is working properly so, that molds doesn’t have to grow. Humidity in the air can make molds grow so, you should make sure that it doesn’t 
  6. Make sure that the air can circulate properly around the room, so that it won’t create dampness and humidity. Use fans or open doors and windows just to let the room breathe.  
  7. The use of dehumidifiers is highly recommended especially in areas with a general weather that could be hot and humid. This is so you can control the humidity in the air.  
  8. Make sure ventilation works well around the house, especially in places where sunlight cannot get through easily like the basement or the crawl spaces in the house.  
  9. Gutters should also be checked once in a while. It should be checked to ensure that it is working properly. The water shouldn’t get stuck in the gutter and the rain water shouldn’t go into the house, but rather be guided away from the house.  
  10. Avoid leaving damp clothes or towels around the house. It should be dried outside to avoid mold from growing in it. When you are taking a bath make sure to turn on the exhaust fan and open a window so the steam doesn’t stay inside the room longer.
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