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What is a buffet service?

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A buffet service is a system of serving meals prepared by catering services and their staffs. It where they place a different kind of meals in a long table and you can definitely book one up when you have corporate, special, or any kind’s o events. The catering service will also prepare all the trays, thongs, plates, eating utensils, tables, chairs, linens and a whole lot more than they can even match to any theme that you are planning for your event. They will have waiters to help serve your food to make it an easy and enjoyable experience for you and your guest and have the best Buffet Service experience.

What are the different kinds of buffet service?

  • All you can eat
  • Cold buffet – a cold buffet consists of food that can also be easily eaten like cold cuts and doesn’t have the presence of any hot food or meals.
  • Finger buffet – the finger buffet consists of easy to eat or finger foods like pastries, pizza, cocktail sticks etc.
  • Seafood buffet
  • Breakfast, brunch or dinner buffet

How to set up the best buffet

Set the table properly – it is important that there is proper food placement this also helps traffic among your guest it is important to check how many guests that you have and how many tables can manage them without causing long queues and traffic for example if there are a lot o guest it is best to have two or more stations. It is also important to have a separate station for beverages, desserts, appetizers, etc to avoid traffic among the guest.

Prepare more tools or utensils – it is important to prepare extra utensils in the table because there are a lot of cases that they might use two per person or they might accidentally drop it. It is also better than you prepare utensils, plates, and glass to their table’s do it would be easy and quick for them and just start eating. In the buffet area also prepare two tongs each or two serving spoons or forks for each meal so that two persons can fit and can get food at the same time it promotes a much faster and easy flow.

Create a buffet trick – it is important to put the lesser quantity of food then you prepared at the last so you won’t have any problem in refilling some would also put the most expensive meal at the last that is the strategy that you can use to save and have more until the end of your event.

Make everything and easy access – stack up all your glasses, plates, utensils, table napkins, etc at a place that everybody can just get it easily.

Brainstorm the menu – try to find the best menu that you can prepare for your guest you can definitely mix and match. Make sure to have an appetizer, main course, dessert, beverages, etc.

Label the food – it is also best if you can label the food it would look good and at the same time easy for your guest to choose the food that they want to eat.

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